Digital Supply Chain

Short break episode

June 26, 2023 Tom Raftery Season 1 Episode 329
Digital Supply Chain
Short break episode
Digital Supply Chain +
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Hi folks, I'm travelling today to the ASCM Connect event in Brussels so no real episode for you today, but with 328 excellent episodes in the back catalog, and some more fantastic ones on the way, I think you'll get by!!!

Have a great week, and talk to you again on Friday where I'll be talking to Luca Gelsomino.

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Tom Raftery:

Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, wherever you are in the world. This is the Digital Supply Chain podcast, the number one podcast focusing on the digitization of supply chain, and I'm your host, Tom Raftery. Hi everyone. Welcome to episode 329 of the Digital Supply Chain Podcast. We have a short episode today because I am attending the A S C M Connect event in Brussels. So didn't have time to put together an episode, but, not to fear. We'll be back again with another episode this coming Friday. The episode coming up on Friday is with Luca Gelsonimo, who is from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. A fascinating episode where we talk about, the intersection of finance and supply chain. There are more episodes coming up the following week with Nick Foy and Len Pannett, and of course, we have episodes, we've 328 episodes in the back catalog for you to go through. So don't feel that, you have nothing to do or that you're missing out because it's unlikely you've heard all 328 past episodes. The episode just last Friday with Gregor Stuhler from Scoutbee was really excellent. Go back and listen to that if you haven't heard it. And of course, the episodes with people like Jonathan Porter from Porter Logic, Arno Ham from Sana Commerce, Tom Pierce from e i two s, Sanjay Sharma from Roambee, Marcel Vollmer. And those are just the, the last four or five episodes. So there's some great episodes there. Apologies for not having a new one today, but as I said, be back again Friday with Luca Gelsonimo and on from there with more episodes. So enjoy your day. Have a great Monday, have a great week, and I'll be back on Friday. Okay, we've come to the end of the show. Thanks everyone for listening. If you'd like to know more about digital supply chains, simply drop me an email to If you like the show, please don't forget to click Follow on it in your podcast application of choice to be sure to get new episodes as soon as they're published Also, please don't forget to rate and review the podcast. It really does help new people to find a show. Thanks, catch you all next time.

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