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Climate and supply chain risk - a chat with Jacob Shapiro

February 15, 2021 Tom Raftery / Jacob Shapiro Season 1 Episode 107
The Digital Supply Chain podcast
Climate and supply chain risk - a chat with Jacob Shapiro
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In the last episode of the podcast David Vallejo talked about Supply Chain Planning, and how that is changing. In this episode, I wanted to dig in a little deeper into some of the reasons why Planning is important - global volatility, both geopolitical, and climactic, and the relationship between the two.

So, I invited Jacob Shapiro to come back on the podcast to talk about these issues. Jacob is the Founder and Chief Strategist at Perch Perspectives, as well as the host of the Perch Pod podcast.

Given the crossover with the Climate 21 podcast, I decided to make this a two-for. This is not the entire conversation we recorded. I cut out some of the more climate related info, and left in the more supply chain details. Obviously, I'll reverse that when I publish this on the Climate 21 podcast this coming Wednesday.

As you will see listening to this, we had a great time making this episode. I hope you enjoy listening to it.

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Jacob Introduces himself
Macro vs micro vs human
Covid as a climate crisis
Container prices skyrocketing
Energy price volatility
Supply Chains are changing