Digital Supply Chain

August Vacation - don't touch that dial!

August 02, 2021 Tom Raftery Season 1 Episode 153
Digital Supply Chain
August Vacation - don't touch that dial!
Digital Supply Chain +
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Show Notes

Keeping it short and sweet - I'm headed off on vacation for the next few weeks so the podcast is going on a brief break too.

I will be back publishing the podcast at its normal twice-weekly (Monday and Friday at 6 am CET) cadence resuming with a cool episode on August 27th. 

If you get lonely for the podcast, there are 152 episodes in the back catalog you can check out if you haven't listened to all of them. And if you have (kudos to you!), many of them can stand a second (or third!) listen, take this as your chance to do that.

And so, don't touch that dial - the opposite, tell all your friends to Follow this podcast (!), and I'll see you at the other end of August. Ciao!

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